Kronenbosch Complex Garden Project

JC Moolman has guided us through the detailed planning of our complex garden area at the entrance and  inside the complex.

We highly recommend JC for the following reasons:

  1.  JC is very talented in envisioning the final product – she advises accordingly for the best water wise plants, situation, sun, shade etc.
  2. JC was so patient and accommodating throughout the planning stage of the project going back again and again adjusting plans and prices for our benefit.
  3. JC supplied us with detailed sketches in order to make our choice of design easier so that we could then easily envision the final picture.
  4. JC recommends the best products to be used in the planting and maintenance of the plants and lawns.
  5. JC only settles for perfection in the final picture – each pot was lined up exactly – great attention always made to detail. JC pruned our roses for us a few weeks after planting.
  6. JC works on site with her very friendly and accommodating team of workers. The guys she works with have been with her for many years and are very experienced.
  7. It is a pleasure to work with JC with her bright positive personality. She works incredibly hard, has very good communication skills on what’s app and email and is very knowledgeable – she is a professional in her field.

Rhonda and I highly recommend JC and look forward to working with her again in the future to complete our complex garden project.

Kind Regards

Rhonda and Averil

Kronenbosch Complex Garden Project – West Beach Cape Town

Whatsapp Messages:

6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Thank you very much for doing all the pavement and improvements on our complex !
We have the most beautiful complex!!
/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Absolutely WOW ! And also in our little corner – beautiful !
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch:I saw part of it this morning and it looked wonderful. Thank you so much
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Thank you for the beautiful pot filled with blossoms right outside my bedroom window,to all involved an excellent result,much appreciated
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Looks stunning! Thank You
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Wow, looks wonderful. Thanks you 🤗
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Amazing work, thank you to all involved
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: That looks really lovely! Thank you
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Thank you to everyone involved, it really looks wonderful
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: Stunning, what an improvement
6/17/21, 14:39 – Kronenbosch: So lovely to see these pics, thank you – I live in the UK (own number 41), much appreciated 🙏
6/17/21, 14:40 – Kronenbosch: A big thank you to the trustees for the Beautiful and value adding initiative 🙏
6/17/21, 14:40 – Kronenbosch: It looks fantastic. Well done guys. It’s very much appreciated. I’ve lived here for 11 years and the complex has never looked so good


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